Dynamic sketch+voice annotations

Enhance the way you communicate with your customers, community or suppliers by attaching audio notes to paper surfaces (flyers, posters, noticeboards, menus…)

This tool allows you to turn any surface into an interactive digital object. Think about these possibilities:

  • A local produce shop sends out printed flyers to the community detailing the delicious new offerings available. A potential customer takes a picture of the flyer and then can tap on areas of the display to hear the shopkeeper talk about recipes the products might be used in.
  • Imagine a community noticeboard in your local coffee-shop. When a new announcement is posted up, the advertiser takes a picture of the board and then taps on the area of the photo that shows their newly added item. They record some description that supplements the printed material and later other customers can take a photo of the board and listen to the content as well.

At a glance

Use PaperChains to quickly add audio to printed or sketched documents. Take a photo of a PaperChains document to start the process, then share it with other people to let them add to the audio. Download the app now from Google Play to get started.

Take a photo of a QR-marked object using the PaperChains app Touch anywhere on the photo to explore the audio Scribble on the photo to add your own comment Your comment is automatically available whenever anyone takes a photo of the object

Create your own documents

The code maker helps you quickly and easily create your own PaperChains and TicQR documents. Create a blank page with ready-placed QR codes, or upload a background image and customise to suit your particular application. Give it a try now!

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